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Comatec was founded in 1988 as a designer and manufacturer of energy conversion systems, mainly power supplies and transformers, for the industrial automation and fast-growing home automation sectors. The founding partners' years of international experience as well as the quality of the products offered allowed the company to progress quickly and soon become competitive both in Italy and internationally.

In 1996, Comatec built a new 1500-square-meter production unit to keep pace with the continually changing needs of the market. Equipped with the most modern automated production systems, the new area has a pioneering R&D centre and is staffed with highly qualified personnel. In that period, Comatec developed the first families of class II DIN bar transformers and power supplies, including the TBD2 line, whose international success has contributed to the company’s significant expansion and strong reputation.

In 2000, after achieving significant growth in the French market, a new distribution company was established near Paris under the name Comatec France.

In 2002, Comatec was granted its first international patents for its miniature "OTTO" and "ORBIT" power supplies for electrical junction box mounting.

In 2006, Comatec launched a new series of power supplies with emergency battery for DIN USV2 rail mounting.

In 2008, Comatec previewed its new MODUSV line of uninterruptible DC power supplies at the Frankfurt "Light & Building" show.

At the beginning of 2011, driven by its strong belief in energy efficiency, Comatec anticipated the new European directives on energy consumption and debuted its new PSM line of switching power supplies for DIN rails.

"We like to define our first 25 years in business as a ‘great future behind us’, one that allows us to confront and meet the new challenges that technology and human genius have in store for us with confidence and security."

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