Progettazione e produzione di alimentatori e trasformatori: Comatec    


Battery pack for USV2 power supplies and AC/DC UPS


  Output voltage:  12 Vdc  
  Battery:  4 Ah  

The battery pack for DIN-rail mounting BAT9/12V4AH has been developed to be connected to the products of the USV2 range. It’s made of a 9 module case for DIN-rail mounting in thermoresistant plastic material. This pack houses a 12V - 4Ah hermetic lead-acid battery. In the panel installations, the module BAT9/12V4AH is the natural extension of the USV2 products. The products of the USV2 range can be connected to other kinds of hermetic lead-acid batteries having a capacity not higher than 14Ah. Comatec suggests the use of homologated and certified batteries and always recommends the disposal of the batteries at the end of their life cycle respecting the directives in force regarding the separate collection of rubbish of each single country.

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