Progettazione e produzione di alimentatori e trasformatori: Comatec    


Battery adapter for the power supplies of the PSM range


  Output voltage:  12 Vdc  
  Battery:  4 Ah  

The Comatec switching power supplies for DIN-rail mounting with a 12V output voltage and a power of 24W to 60W can be transformed in power supplies with battery management by adding the new battery module ADP9/12V4AH in a 9M case that houses a 12V - 4Ah Panasonic hermetic lead-acid battery. To carry out the transformation, please regulate the output voltage of the power supply to 13,8 VDC through a trimmer, then connect the power supply to the battery module and this one to the load. For the choice of the output nominal power of the power supply, a supplementary current of 500 mA for the battery load must be considered.

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