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We consider the customer's personal data, and the VAT number in particular, as it appears on letterhead, in emails and on the website, or as otherwise notified to us by the customer, to be accurate under the customer's responsibility unless we are informed otherwise, as required by Italian Law, article 41 of Decree of the President of the Republic no. 633, dated 26th October 1972.

Our offers are not binding. All images, drawings, dimensions and weights shown in them are to be considered as approximate data, except where explicitly stated as binding. Five days after the receipt of our order confirmation, all its conditions are deemed to have been accepted. The delivery times specified in our order confirmations are approximate and refer to the dates goods are scheduled to leave our production facility. Unless stated otherwise, our company will not accept claims for delivery delays. Any shipping time or date given by us is an approximate and non-biding indication.

Goods are shipped from our company carriage forward and travel at the purchaser's risk.

In the case of specific or custom products, we reserve the right to increase or decrease the delivery quantity by 3% of the quantity ordered or confirmed. Buyers may make no claim against the company for quantities other than these and in cases of force majeure.

We reserve ownership and copyright of all quotations, pictures, drawings, samples and any other documentation.

Our invoices must be paid within the timeframe and by the methods specified in our offer and subsequently confirmed with the acceptance of your order. In case of late payment, you will be charged late-payment interest in the amount of 3% per year plus the official discount rate, without advance notice.

We remain owner of the delivered goods until all outstanding invoices are paid in full. For the time the reservation of ownership is in effect, you are required to handle the goods delivered with care and, in particular, to preserve its initial value. Moreover, in the case of processing or adulteration with other goods, we acquire co-ownership of new goods in proportion to the value of our goods.

Defects and shipping errors must be reported in writing no later than 8 days from the receipt of the goods. After this term, you forfeit all rights to make a claim.

The sales and purchase contract is governed by the terms contained in our sales offer, in our order confirmation, in our delivery note and in our sales invoice. The place of performance of all obligations under the sales and purchase contract, including payments, is our registered office, unless agreed otherwise.

The Italian judicial authorities, and in its context, the Court of Perugia will be exclusively competent to settle any disagreements. However, we reserve the right to file a lawsuit in the court of the buyer's headquarters.

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