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Today, ongoing research in the areas of home and industrial automation, as well as our duty to future generations to develop solutions that respect the environment, have placed our company in the forefront in the design and manufacture of new conversion and energy-management systems that allow:

  • increasing yields and reducing consumption.
  • keeping the weight and size of products down.
  • improving electrical characteristics and reducing electromagnetic emission levels.
  • extending product life.
  • offering products made from recyclable materials.

For our company, the CE mark and the "Made in Italy" designation not only reflect prestige and guaranteed quality, but also a design style that creates the added-value that makes Comatec brand products stand out.

By paying close attention to market needs and making the culture of environmental protection our own, our company, in close cooperation with its customers, "develops tomorrow's technology today".

"All of these things are an integral part of our corporate philosophy and allow us to address any business looking for an expert and reliable partner to count on."

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