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For our company, achieving the highest quality of services offered and the products manufactured, is a function of the meaning of the word "Quality".
We firmly believe that "making quality" means going beyond the standards adopted by various international bodies, for which, quality is increased through the implementation of a certified quality system and the prevention of nonconformities.
Our quality system is customer-driven. By customer we mean more than those who use our products. We are referring to all those who are directly or indirectly involved in design, production and logistical processes, which is to say that those who, in the general flow of business, find themselves upstream or downstream of a given process can be considered "internal customers" of the phase just passed.
We have transitioned from a corporate quality process based on inspections and final controls to an integrated management system in which the involvement of all personnel, effective planning, the documentation of activities, and an attitude of continuous improvement have become our main mission.
There is one inalienable requirement for maintaining this mindset: health, individual and collective safety, and respect for the environment.

"Our business decisions are oriented toward this goal. At Comatec, quality is viewed as a competitive strategy and part of our corporate mission and, thus, the end of a production and design process."

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